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Shoutout Player

This player listens for shoutout commands (e.g. !so Ninja) in your twitch channel's chat, and then plays a video for that user. Perfect for shouting out your chatters and raiders.

Enter your channel name below, choose your customisation options, and you'll be given a url to copy and paste into an OBS Browser Source.

Everything else can be skipped, unless you want to customise filters, appearance and triggers below.

Top will limit to your most viewed clips, random opens it up to a wider choice.

Defaults to "All time", but you can filter to more recent clips.

If clips can be found from the game the user last played, then these will be used, otherwise it will default to any top/random.

Filter out or stop clips early if they are longer than a certain length.

60 seconds


Set the colours!


Fonts are supplied by Google Fonts, if one is missing off this list, request it in discord.

When he notices at the end

While streaming Special Events

Clipped by therealdkelly on December 30, 2021


check out ADJStreams

This will place some info over the video for a few seconds, with the clip title, date it was clipped, etc

This will display timer in the corner, counting down to the end of the clip.

Set the volume at which the clips will play back at



Defaults to !so, but you can change it here.


Streamer can always trigger the command. By default, Mods can also trigger the shoutout.


Enable this if you want to shoutout a raider automatically. By default this is switched off.